Giggaheim Podcast Episode 115

giggahiem-Podcast-album-115-1It’s time for Episode 115 of The Giggaheim Podcast and it’s up to Pete, Craig and Doug to hold down the fort with Randis on assignment in the Swiss Alps. Can it be done? What will become of the Giggaheim crew? The answers are yes, and, they end up strengthening their pimp hands of fandom. (Sorry, but we can’t stand suspense around here.)

The show gets underway with some Trek, which is quickly derailed and set on fire in a field behind the studio. What develops is an info dump regarding the implications and conclusions of the news that JJ Abrams will be directing hollywood’s finest in a galaxy far, far away. What does this mean for future installments of the Trek franchise? Should fans set the auto-destruct and abandon ship? Should we all swap our Folger’s Crystals for Dilithium Crystals instead? Have a listen to find out.

Getting back to the rails, Doug steps out of his usual Technology arena and offers up reviews of the Star Trek Comics specials which were published before and after this summer’s Star Trek: Into Darkness blockbuster. So what’s the story on the story? How about the artwork? Will it matter that Doug is essentially illiterate or will the pretty pictures give him enough to entertain the crowd? You know what you’ll have to do to find out.

The second half creates a lively discussion by bringing the sadness to the table. You’re a fan. You invest yourself in the realms of fandom you enjoy. You know when a show, movie or book decides to hit you right in the gut with something sad. The podcast crew attempts to wrangle up all the famous sad moments of fandom and maybe bring up some you might not be familiar with. It’s sad, but it’s good. You’ll be glad we had this talk. Hug it out. It’s gonna be ok.

All this and more is waiting for you on Episode 115  of The Giggaheim Podcast. Get it in your ears already!


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