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Giggaheim Podcast Geek Out: Battlestar Galactica


The Giggaheim Podcast proudly presents the 2nd edition of our  “GEEK OUT SERIES.”

In this series, a veteran fan will speak with a rookie about a television show, movie, book, video game, or other arena of fandom that they’ve recently been exposed to by the guidance of the interviewer. As always at The Giggaheim Podcast, we strive to take the listener from “Noob to Initiated” so these specials will concentrate on the important questions for you: How did the new fan get into the subject? What made it a work worth seeing through to the end? What did they think of it, and, most importantly, would they recommend it to you? The second edition of Geek Out covers the 2004 television series Battlestar Galactica.

Doug, our technology editor and interviewer for this episode, managed to get Pete, our comic book editor, into the re-imagined space series. As a good mentor should, Doug guided him through the colonies, and, in this interview asks Pete all the questions needed to spool up the Geek Out FTL drive. Have a listen. Who knows? Maybe you’ll Geek Out over Battlestar Galactica too!

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