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What to Expect at ComiCon 2013

The San Diego ComiCon has become a juggernaut of fandom. The Miami Supercon posted record attendance last weekend of 30,000 fans, but add an additional 100,000 fans and you have the San Diego ComiCon. So what can you expect this year from the large publishers at this year’s largest comic book convention?

Details on Captain America: Winter Soldier

Marvel Comics is already getting the hype-machine going releasing a teaser poster, and they have been leaking out pictures of the Falcon and set pics of the action sequences. We would like to confirm that Warren Ellis’ storyline will be adapted faithfully (or as close to the source material as possible) and that nothing weird will be introduced for the sake of Avengers 2. Speaking of…

captain america winter soldier teaser poster

Casting on Guardians of the Galaxy

Had you there, but word on the street is that the space adventure will be the center of the Avengers 2 storyline. With casting rumors and productions dates being bandied about I’m sure that we will get a plot blurb, casting confirmations and more concept art.


Details of X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past

With the amount of set pictures and speculation I have a feeling Marvel Studios will be hyping up the crowds for next summer’s mega-mutant blockbuster. Again, will the source material be faithfully brought to screen, or will it be adapted for wider audiences?

xmen first class Days-of-Future-Past

Avengers 2?

I highly doubt that we will see anything more than a teaser poster which will just have “Avengers 2” in a metallic font on a black background. People will lose their collective minds, and then the speculation and rumor hunting will be ignited across the internet. Even is Joss Whedon had a script ready and concept art to share, Avengers 2 will contain spoilers for what happens in Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: Winter Soldier. People are going to see this movie regardless of details, so I have a feeling Marvel Studios will sit tight until they have to release marketing info on this.

the Avengers 2 teaser poster

DC Comics/Warner Brothers Gets off its Collective Ass

Man of Steel was a good, if not controversial, first start towards bringing DC Comics to life on screen. Hopefully, we will see more from the media giants this year at San Diego ComiCon. After all, this is a movie con, and the sore audience has been lighting DC Comics aflame with a lack of silver screen presence. I’d like to see any movement towards a Flash movie, but I have a feeling DC Animated will be center stage with Teen Titans, more material regarding the Green Lantern Animated Series, and we will probably get a weird announcement about a property in Dc Comics’ stable that has been forgotten like a live action version of Vibe coming to FOX.

vibe issue 1 cover

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