Giggaheim Podcast Episode 111


The Giggaheim crew gathers for Podcast 111 to fight depression with pop culture. What do you use to fight the blues? Doug, Craig, Randis, Tony, and Pete give their strategies on how to chase the blues away with comics, video games, movies, and TV. Apparently, binge watching TV shows is becoming the latest phenomena amongst geek culture, so the podcast crew discusses how and what they like to consume.

Pete then quizzes the podcast crew with his Comics Trivia for Kids (*This is not for kids. Pete is a freaking liar. ~Ed.) to see what the podcast crew knows about comics. (*Wanted: Comic book trivia quizzes or quiz writer. ~Ed.) After they stumble their way through the quiz, Doug actually brings something fun to the podcast (*Pete’s idea of fun does not match anyone else’s ~Ed.) by bringing the Geek Zodiac. Based on the annual zodiac like the Chinese Zodiac, Doug rolls though the podcast crew members to see what their sign is, and how accurate the Geek Zodiac is. (*Large amount of  self persecution by Ed. ~Ed.)

Tony reveals the secrets of the last DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops II: Vengeance. How do you effectively use the giant? Where can you stash money? Where can you stash weapons? What happens at the end of the game? Tony plays though the last zombies storyline for Black Ops 2, and lets you know what the light at the end of the tunnel is.

Finally, the crew reviews Illumination Studios’ latest cartoon movie, Despicable Me 2. Randis interviews the crew to find out how the film was, what were the best moments, and find out if there were any bad parts. (*Only Pete could find something wrong with it. Thanks Captain fun! ~Ed.) What is in the future for Gru and his minions? All this and more on another exciting Giggaheim Podcast.

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