Giggahiem Podcast E3 2013 Special

E3-2013-Special-AlbumCraig and Tony sit down and cover the highs and lows of E3 2013. This year was full of controversy, hot issues, and forward thinking, and our Video Game Editors hit all the salient points from the conference. Instead of starting with the large presentations, they notice the absence of Nintendo from the conference, and what that means for the gaming industry.

Next they launch into the blockbuster events from the first days of the conference: The Presentations from Microsoft on their Xbox One, and Sony’s new Playstation 4. What’s the difference in hardware, software, used games, and online gaming? What has changed, what will stay the same, and what should you pay attention to? Then Tony and Craig take gamers’ temperatures on why some defected from Xbox to PS4, and why others should hang tight on their platform.

While the large gaming publishers took the center stage, Tony and Craig explain what else goes on after the large events, and how indie gaming companies are finding an audience at E3. Then they wrap the show pontificating on what it will take for Nintendo to get back onto the main stage, bringing a conclusion to our special.

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