Giggaheim Podcast Episode 110

Giggaheim-Podcast-110-Album Podcast 110 is full of controversy and strong opinions, so bring your debate team medals and be sure to comment on our Facebook page. Randis kicks off the podcast with controversial celebrities in the headlines. Is Paula Dean’s 25 year old faux pas a worse offense than Lil Wayne dancing on an American flag? What makes pop culture consumers and fans more upset, and what is more offensive?

Pete then reviews Lazarus #1 by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. The first issue is an info dump as Rucka writes a new world of the future run by influential families and future-bio-tech guardians. Is this dark futuristic series a collectible #1 issue, or should you wait for the trade?

Tony and Craig then cover a busy week in gaming. Tony previews the last DLC map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops II called Vengeance. The 6 different maps, different weapons, zombie challenges, and storage changes in the zombie maps are all reviewed so you can tell if you want to download the last map pack. Then Tony reviews a bit of the last Borderlands 2 DLC called Tina’s Adventure, which then sidetracks the group to discuss the venerable role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. What is it? How is it played? What’s it like? Craig then covers changes in Microsoft’s treatment of indie gaming developers and Xbox Live’s Arcade titles.

Randis wraps up with the foods you shouldn’t eat on a date, what foods to avoid, and what foods are safe for making and keeping up a good first impression. Which foods are best for impressing someone, and which are repellent to the opposite sex? All this and more on Podcast episode 110.

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