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Giggaheim Podcast Episode 108

Giggaheim-Podcast-108-albumPodcast 108 is tech heavy, so grab your iPod and jump into the grid with us. But before Flynn guides us through the virtual undiscovered country, Randis takes us through the dullest aspect of Dating Advice for Geeks: Monogamy. As Spring gives way to the sweltering Summer, beach bodies and bikinis begin to test the bounds of monogamy in relationships. Are humans meant to be monogamous? Can a relationship between the same two people last? What are the secrets to doing so?


Pete decides to take the podcast 180 degrees away from monogamy, and explores the torrid lifestyle of a French model of the early 20th Century with a bio comic by Catel and Bocquet exploring the life of: Kiki de Montparnasse. The famous advocate for women’s rights, and artist was a model, painter, singer, actress and memoirist in Paris during the high times of the Dada movement and the surrealist movements.


Next, we step foot into the future and the Giggaheim podcast crew debates the idea of digital ownership. With Microsoft tightening the noose on digital ownership in games, the crew asks if we actually own anything in the cloud, and looks at what collectables and media can be repossessed by publishers and creators at any time. When you buy something, is it truly yours?


Finally, Doug takes us into the future of Apple with a summary of the events of the WWDC 2013 conference. Apple continues to forge ahead with shocking artistic license on its premier work-horse computer, the MacPro. It introduces new services such as iTunes Radio to stream from the clouds to your pockets, and it is radically updating its mobile devices with the new iOS 7. Does the new design match the new features, or does it leave you flat?

A separate E3 2013 special is being produced, so stay tuned for updates, reviews and tips about the future of gaming from the world’s largest gaming expo. Check our feeds and website regularly for updates.


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