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Giggaheim Podcast Episode 107

Giggaheim welcomes its newest cast member, Tony, for Podcast 107. With another video game editor onboard, Craig and Tony try and predict what will happen at E3 2013. With Nintendo not showing, Sony had better step up its PS4 game against Microsoft’s controversial Xbox One. Are there going to be new games announcements? Will we get the Xbox One pricing structure? Moving away from E3 Pete asks why game developers got so greedy, and the podcast crew debates the merits of used games, ownership, and how to stand up as a consumer group.Giggaheim-Podcast-Episode-107-album

Pete starts section two with a look at the three must-read Superman stories that never happened. Pete reviews DC Comics Elseworld books that involve Superman, and answers the following questions:

What would happen is Superman was adopted by the Amish?

What would happen if Superman landed in Soviet Russia?

What would happen if Superman retired?

Three book reviews of Justice League: The Nail, Superman: Red Son, and Kingdom Come. How does Superman influence the DC Comics Universe? Find out.

Randis dives into dreams on Dating Advice for Geeks. The Japanese have harnessed the MRI (miracle) machine to interpret what exactly you are dreaming. What does this mean for future relationships? Is this yet another area where lovers care share themselves? Or is this an invasion of private thoughts? How will the relationship (especially monogamist ones) stand against the power of dreams?

Doug brings the finale of the podcast with predictions of what we will see at Apple’s WWDC 2013. Will Apple’s unique Skeuomorphism graphic design be phased out? Will iOS 7 be a knock off of Android, or will it feature new abilities you didn’t know your phone could do? Will the iPhone 5S or 6 be revealed, and what does Apple want from its developer community?

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