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Giggaheim Podcast Episode 105

XBOX JUAN FINALEpisode 105 of The Giggaheim Podcast is jam packed with great stuff from the realms of tech, comic books, dating advice and video games. We begin the show with technology, because amazing things are happening in the marriage of 3D printing and the medical community. Doug gives us all the details about one lucky little boy, and what the implications are for the expansion of saving lives with tech.

Pete comes to the table with a comic book series that centers the crew on the gravity of what Memorial Day means for each of us. “The Other Side,” written by Jason Aaron with art by Cameron Stewart, tells of the horrors of war via an unconventional writing device that works beautifully. Find out all the details that had Pete buying and reading each issue as fast as his brain could digest them. The Memorial Day discussion then moves out of comics and onto the silver screen, dabbling for a few brief moments into the politics of war, and its repercussions.

Switching gears while maintaining a military theme, Randis fires up Dating Advice for Geeks with a great topic: WINGMEN. What makes a good wingman? When should a wingman be ready to assist and when should they silently slip into the shadows? Randis digs deep and manages to find two members of the podcast team who recently experienced a wingman misfire. What went wrong? Can it be fixed? Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop? Find out in this hysterical segment!

Finally, Craig jumps in with the biggest gaming news of the year to date. Microsoft has shown the world the XBOX One, now what exactly is the world thinking? Craig puts the gaming knowledge smackdown on the show by walking through all the hardware and software specs for the new shiny box from the folks at Redmond. So what about used games, and what’s all this about KINECT knowing more about your heart rate than you do? Find out the answers to these and other questions in the gaming section of Episode 105 of The Giggaheim Podcast.

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