Free Comic Book Day 2013 Podcast

Free-Comics-Book-Day-Show-2013-AlbumThe Giggaheim recorded live at Cool Comics and Games for Free Comic Book Day 2013. (Mark your calendars, this is a CLEAN episode!) Pete, Doug and Randis trekked out to scenic Cape Coral, Florida to celebrate Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars day (on May the Fourth) and had a ball for four hours interviewing the intrepid patrons, people new to comics, and tabletop gamers.

First, Randis interviews a fun young couple who are table top gamers and comic book readers. How did they meet? How is the relationship? What does a young couple in love have to teach us?

Then Pete pulls two expert tabletop Gamers, Derek and Josh to talk about HeroClix. Derek tells us tales of competitive gaming, and Josh tells us what its like to preside over Heroclix bouts as a judge. They tell us how it works, how to get started, and a few tips to win.

After the Heroclix, Pete hosts the first of four comic book trivia contests with the expert trivia questions to try and stump the local comic book readers of Cape Coral. Do they easily answer the trivia Pete has amassed, or do they fall before the might of the Giggaheim quizmasters? Pete downshifts to Stupid Comic Book Deaths trivia with two fresh contestants. Do they know how some of their villains and heroes die? Then Pete decides to make kids cry by asking Micha and Junior to grab the mics. Only one can be the king of Comic Trivia. Who will it be?

Then Pete and Randis interview Marshal Wilson of Maliki’s Marvels. Marshal photographs fans in their cosplay outfits, and then digitally enhances them with effects and environments that make their costumes pop. If you want to look awesome in your costume look for Marshal at your local comic convention. Then Randis interviews Marshal and his wife about living as a married couple with geeky tastes. Listen to the journey this couple took to meet, and build their relationship.

Pete then hosts the official Star Wars Day Star Wars Trivia. The final prize is a pile of collectable Star Wars Comics, and only one person can walk away the winner. Will it be Josh or will it be Raul? See if you can outwit the trivia quiz. Do you know how tall Yoda is? Do you know what the TIE in TIE Fighter stands for? Speaking of Star Wars Doug happens across a modeler for Lucasfilm, Stephen Hayford,  and we interview him on the show to make Star Wars Day even more special.

Pete interviews two Magic the Gathering players who are set up nearby. Learn about the game of Magic the Gathering, how to get started, and get some tips on what combinations are winners. Then we have the final trivia based on Comic Factoids. What Simpsons character has 5 fingers? What was the first graphic novel to be nominated for a Pulitzer?

To wrap up Pete interviews the legendary proprietor of Cool Comics and Games, Tom Lotz. What is the story of Cool Comics & Games, how did it earn it’s legendary status, and what is in the future for this great gaming and comic book shop. This was a great show for Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars day, and we wanted to share every awesome moment we had with you. May the Fourth be with you.

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