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Giggaheim Podcast Episode 103

Giggaheim Podcast-103-AlbumThe Giggaheim Podcast crew, inspired by the events in Boston, decide to tackle terrorism. What is it? Who does it? How do we fight it? How does it affect dating? How is it reflected in comics, movies, and video games? Lastly, how can technology help fight it?

Pete starts off by terrorizing your summer movies with two GIGANTIC SPOILERS for Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness. How do these blockbuster summer films by Marvel Comics and the storied Star Trek franchise portray terrorism, and what secrets do these summer movies hold? The group debates the veracity of these SPOILERS and also their merit if true.

Randis kicks off Dating Advice for Geeks with advice on diffusing explosive fights in a relationship. What can make a calm discussion among cool-headed adults turn into a heated discussion, which can degrade into an all out screaming match? Randis tells us the top 5 ways a discussion explodes, and how to avoid these catastrophic conversations.

Then Pete gives a history of terrorism in comics from 1900 to today. How has the comic book villain evolved in the funny pages? Do comics portray the real world? Are the First Amendment and the Nobel Prize really to blame for modern day problems? Pete explains how your favorite comic book bad guys evolved from simple mobsters, to mad scientists, and eventually terrorists, and how our caped-heroes continue to try and stop them.

Doug steps in with a tech segment that fights back. He explains how social media and modern technology have taken law enforcement, emergency response, and social responsibility farther than ever before, and how it helps a community to heal. Then he covers the continued taxation of the internet and its e-commerce business. Is this fair play for main street? Or is it a virtual witch hunt by desperate tax collectors? Finally, Doug takes the government to task by examining the latest Big Brother legislation that died in Congress: CISPA.

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