MegaCon 2013 Podcast Special

MegaCon-2013-Podcast-SpecialThe Giggaheim Podcast crew attended MegaCon 2013 and we tell you all about it. Randis, Doug, and Pete review their time and experiences at the con. They review all the amazing cosplay participants seen at MegaCon such as Aquaman, Halo Master Chiefs, Sailor Moons, Auriel, Black Cat and many other fantastic characters. Moving into the realm of science fiction, the crew discuss the Star Trek Next Generation cast reunion on Saturday and recall the questions, answers, and stories from the event. What did being on Star Trek mean to various members like Patrick Stewart, Will Wheaton, and Marina Sirtis? How did Star Trek The Next Generation affect their lives?

Moving ahead, the crew recounts the amazing fans, artists, and writers that they met and were able to interview such as Nigel Sade, Sarah Wilkins, Tommy Castillo, and the Art Institute of Tampa. Pete recounts the amount of signed comic book swag (comics signed by Frank Miller, Joe Quesada, Joe Kubert, and Mark Waid) he scored and proves he scored it under 30 minutes. Pete goes on to reveal his Comic Convention Bingo Card before the crew gives a recount of the good and bad things that happened to them at MegaCon 2013.

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