MegaCon 2013 Nigel Sade Vodcast

MegaCon 2013 Artist Interview with Nigel Sade

We met plenty of artists at MegaCon 2013 and Nigel was one of our favorites. With a flair for the macabre, the art of Nigel Sade accomplishes much, with a specific emphasis on breaking down societal demands and expectations. Nigel was kind enough to squeeze in an interview with the Giggaheim crew on a very busy day at MegaCon. We hope you enjoy the video, as Nigel shares his inspirations, his current projects and future plans.

Be sure to keep a watch for more MegaCon 2013 artist interviews posting soon!

Background Music: “Clouds of Dementia” by The Whiskey Project, Thursday, March 21, 2013 via, Creative Commons Attribution.

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