Giggaheim Podcast Episode 99

Giggaheim-Podcast-99The entire Giggaheim Podcast crew joins in for podcast 99. Randis kicks off on how sex makes you healthy. And then the podcast gets rough early with an eternal debate quiff versus fart. Which is worse?

Moving along, Doug, Pete and Randis review “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Was the new movie starring Mila Kunis and James Franco a magical return to a childhood classic, or an inverted perversion that kicks your heart in the childhood? Pete then brings up the moral dilemma of the Wizard sending a child to kill his ex-lover in the original movie. See how the crew weighs in on older movie plots.

After the break Craig gives us the low down on how EA’s servers crashed out when they launched the new SIM City. Why don’t gaming companies have the right servers ready? Why aren’t people learning from past network crashes. Are you still reading this? Also, the new Tomb Raider is inspired by a new movie and it’s a prequel. Is it worth the time, or does Lara Croft follow the road of other damned prequels?

Pete wraps up with tips to survive a comic convention. How to plan for success by leveraging technology so you can pack lighter, and score signed swag in under an hour. Learn how to navigate the con like a pro, never miss a panel, and get everything on your list done at your next comic book convention with these hot tips.

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