Giggaheim Podcast Episode 92

Giggaheim-Podcast-92-AlbumThe Giggaheim Podcast kicks off with gaming from Craig. He tackles the latest hot games by giving a full review of Halo 4. The online play, the campaign,and all the other Halo-goodness is scrutinized. then EA Games’ latest shooter Black Ops 2 gets the review treatment as well.

Pete jumps in next to review the new book from Image Comics: Manhattan Project #1. A meta-human/Science crossover set the 1940s explores the ideas of Oppenheimer era science experiments and magic blending together.

After comics, Pete jumps into a Versus Review by comparing Hunger Games with the earlier Japanese version Battle Royale. Which was better, the chicken or the egg? Craig reviews Pixar’s Brave on BluRay and the group asks the important issue: Does Disney hate parents?

Doug puts together a tech report despite it being a slow tech week. The founder of Macafee Anti-Viral Software is on the lamb, Google Fiber launches in Kansas City, and We have some seriously late Black Friday shopping tips that will help you next year.

On Dating Advice for Geeks Randis covers; What makes a healthy relationship? Is it compatibility? Do opposites attract? Does anyone really care? Find out from our sexy expert Randis.

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