Giggaheim Podcast Episode 91

Giggaheim-Podcast-episode-91-AlbumThe Giggaheim Podcast took the wrong week to go on vacation and missed big changes in the geek world. Craig kicks off with a review of the latest installment of the popular first person shooter: Halo 4. Did 343 do well by Master Chief and Xbox 360 gamers, or is sorely Bungie missed? The podcast crew debates the merits of the campaign and votes on whether it was a good story, or just a good excuse to shoot things. After covering Halo 4, the crew talks over the punishment handed down to the Navy SEALS who were reprimanded for helping EA Games.

Randis dives deep into BDSM practices by defining what bondage, sado-masicism is, domination, and restraints. Learn how to spice up a dull love life with cuffs, and how to stay within your lover’s comfort zone while pushing their boundaries. Have you been tied up? Gagged? We’d like to hear your anonymous stories. Write in to podcast(at)

Next big news of the week; Walt Disney Corporation bought Lucasfilm Ltd which included Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, and the rights to Star Wars. Along with that Earth-shattering announcement Disney released plans to continue the Star Wars franchise with Episode 7 released in 2015, and follow up sequels every two years. The Giggaheim podcast crew debates whether it was a good thing, or if it is the end of a popular sci-fi movie franchise that brought us Jedi, Sith, and eternal struggles.

Without a comic review the Giggaheim Podcast crew talks about the latest James Bond movie: Skyfall. Was it worth the wait? Did it meet expectations as a Bond film? Or should you watch it another day? Will the movie review break the Giggaheim Podcast crew apart?

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